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Reverbical V1.2 VST/AU/AAX

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Reverbical is RealtimeOnly's state of the art stereo reverb effect plugin.
Quick and easy selection from 96 diverse and high quality spaces on the preset grid. Space resizing with a single control. Easy to use, avoid parameter guessing and confusion. Smooth parameter/preset switching. Deep Tweak mode. Morph and Shimmer. Special artist presets.

Available as VST, AudioUnit, AAX for OSX and Windows, in 32 or 64 bit versions.

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Quality made accessible

Reverbical is a fantastic sounding stereo reverb effect with a highly accessible user interface. With its unique preset selection grid, a large variety of room characteristics can be navigated and seamlessly morphed in realtime, finding the best matching space for your mix with just a few clicks. With the SPACE master control, low-level parameter complexity is captured into a single parameter, allowing to keep the room characteristics of the selected space, while transforming it to a different size. Shimmer and Freeze for great sound design. DryWet Lock provides stable mixing capabilities. For further tweaking and finetuning, the Deep Tweak view allows extensive and detailed parameter control, whenever needed. Finally, the classic view brings up a size-reduced control surface to operate within a typical reverb plugin interface.


Feature Highlights

  • Easy to understand, easy to use with just the Space and DryWet controls
  • Direct access to 96 presets on a single page, for quick room selection and navigation
  • Full range of high quality spaces from light Ambiences to Large Halls
  • Smooth parameters and seamless preset morphing
  • Shimmer, Freeze feature and Mix Lock
  • Deep tweak mode with individual delay and absorption settings
  • Artist and Sound designer presets
  • Highly performance optimized for realtime processing

  • High quality stereo reverb algorithm for any room size

  • 8Presets

  • One-click access to 96 presets per page, drag/drop-enabled

  • PresetGrid PresetGrid

  • Easy and straightforward control with only 2 main parameters

  • SpaceDryWetParameters

  • Deep tweak mode with individual delay and absorption settings

  • LateAbsorptions

  • Preset morphing and smooth parameter switching

  • PresetMorphing  SmoothPresetChange

  • Shimmer and Freeze feature, Late PreDelay, individual Dry and Wet Gain

  • MainParameters

  • Space/DryWet Lock to keep the same space/mix value when switching presets

  • LockButtons

  • Setting to preserve or discard user edits when switching presets

  • PreserveEditsButton

  • Early Reflection colouring for diversity in small spaces

  • EarlyColour

  • Wide Late reflection stereo image based on a human perception model

  • StereoParameter

  • Preset management with clipboard integration

  • PresetMenu

  • Visual colour-coding of presets (4 modes)

  • ColourCoding

  • 4 selectable UI Themes

  • Themes

  • 3 switchable View modes: Grid, Deep Tweak, Classic

  • UiViews

  • Highly performance optimized C++ code using SSE instructions

  • No dongle or internet access required for activation

Formats VST (Windows, OSX), AudioUnit (OSX), AAX (Windows, OSX)
Architectures 32 bit (Windows only), 64 bit
Minimum system requirements Windows Windows 7 and above
512 MB RAM, 50 MB free disk space
Minimum system requirements macOS (OSX) OSX 10.7 and above, macOS 11 and 12 (using Rosetta on ARM Macs)
512 MB RAM, 50 MB free disk space
DAW Host compatibility Reverbical has been tested under various hosts including:
Logic X, Live 8/9, Cubase 8, Reaper 5, Renoise 3, Sonar, FL Studio 11/12, Pro Tools 11/12, Studio One 3, Bitwig, Ohm Studio, energyXT 2, Tracktion T4, Orion 8, Mixcraft 7, Stagelight
Please use the demo version to ensure your specific setup is covered too.

User and artist created videos

    User Manual

    Download Reverbical User Manual pdf

    Video Tutorial

    Music producer Frank Laverne explains Reverbical's parameters and features in a video:

    Jump to the Parameters 1 section
    Jump to the Parameters 2 section
    Jump to the General Use section



  • Fix an issue in the AAX version which reverted to the default preset when switching/moving instances

  • V1.2.0

  • Shimmer feature
  • Seamless preset morphing
  • Updated artist preset bank

  • V1.1.0

  • Four new UI skin themes and default skin
  • Preferences menu
  • Better default values when using Cmd/Ctrl-click parameter reset.
  • Each Reverbical instance starts at the same modulation phase, regardless of the number of instances loaded.

  • V1.0.2

  • Extended the uninterrupted sound duration in the demo

  • V1.0.1

  • Fixed Audiounit validation error (applies to OSX only)

  • V1.0.0

  • Initial release